Supercharging personal and organisational performance.
Charlie Curson helps individuals, teams and organisations to think strategically, act decisively, and deliver a more meaningful impact.
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strategist, leadership coach, founder, investor, FACILITATOR, public speaker, lego nerd, husband, father, business owner, RUNNER and occasional DJ. (Amongst other things).

A multi-faceted approach for diverse needs.

In order to excel, leaders and organisations must be adept at 
navigating uncertainty and adapting to change.

Over the last 20 years, Charlie’s rich professional career and diverse personal interests have provided him a wealth of knowledge, real-word experience and skills, and more than a few interesting stories.

This ability to bridge gaps and connect different fields has enabled him to support organisations of all sizes, from start-ups to global corporations in the public, private and third sector, designing, developing and helping to deliver ambitious growth strategies, innovations and change programmes.

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Trusted by leaders and industry-leading organisations around the globe
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STRATEGY without the fluff and jargon.

Charlie focuses on helping clients tackle paradoxical and challenging concepts, making them accessible and applicable to everyday challenges.

He blends theory with practical tools and personalised coaching emphasising the importance of logic and critical thinking, creativity, and influential communication, providing a comprehensive framework for leaders to thrive in uncertain, dynamic environments.

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Mandarin is collection of Charlie's trusted associates from various industries and ways of life. With experts in Entrepreneurship, communication, people and culture, crisis management and more.

Together they design and deliver programmes, workshops, coaching session and in person events all aimed at getting you and your people peforming at your best.

Whatever your individual or organisations needs, Mandarin can assemble a core team of experts, drawing on their unique skills, industry knowledge and wealth of experience to deliver real value and ensure success.

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Level up with world-class advice, coaching and SUPPORT.

Unlock your potential and achieve your goals faster and more effectively, with best-in-class support and practical interventions.

Tailored learning and development programmes

Interactive courses designed and delivered to meet your specific needs and drive results.

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Leadership and performance coaching

Expert coaching from qualified professionals to help unlock your potential and perform at your best.

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Strategy building projects and workshops

Consulting and advisory support that helps your leadership team co-create your vision, strategy and plan.

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Scale-up mentoring 
and investment

Practical support and networking opportunities for scale-ups looking to make a positive social and environmental impact.

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Tailored learning and development programmes

Get with the programme(s)

Discover Charlie's most popular and impactful programmes that have been delivered to individuals, teams and organisations around the world.

Creating Strategy That Sticks

A multi-part programme that teaches you how to develop, communicate and execute a strategy that delivers. Explore the key principles, tools and approaches that will enable you and your team to achieve real, sustainable impact.

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Being an Influential Communicator

A practical and interactive multi-part programme that allows you to develop your ability to convey ideas persuasively and effectively in any setting and better manage your stakeholders internally and externally.

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Thinking Critically and Acting Decisively

Refine your analytical skills and behaviours, learn to surface and challenge your assumptions and biases, fundamentally improving your ability to identify and assess your options and make confident decisions.

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Unleashing Creativity in Business

Explore and apply the tools and techniques required to unlock your creative side and create the conditions within your team to find real solutions to tough business problem.

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Manage Energy Not Time

Learn how to manage your energy (rather than time) in tis practical  workshop to build resilience, achieve higher performance more concistantly and live a more fulfilling life.

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Find Your Flow

Explore a range of topics to help you on the path to sustainable personal growth, including: discovering your purpose, developing your mindset, understanding your motivations and setting ambitious yet achievable goals.

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Leadership and performance coaching.

unlocking leadership effectiveness

Over the last decade, having originally qualified as a performance coach, Charlie has continued to broaden and deepen his coaching knowledge, skills and techniques to meet the changing needs of today's leaders in an increasingly complex and uncertain world.

Charlie is an accredited Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) coach, Charlie works with executives to build leadership capability, adaptability and confidence under the demanding conditions of organisational leadership.

With hundreds of hours of 1-2-1 and team coaching under his belt Charlie has helped his clients to become more conscious, effective managers and leaders, gain more balance in their personal and working lives and ultimately improved performance and deliver results.

Strategy building projects and workshops.

co-creating your vision, strategy and plan.

Unlike many consultancies, Charlie doesn't come in and 'do your strategy for you'. Nor will you be subjected to a torrent of theory and then left with a hefty strategy document that nobody will ever read let alone implement. Instead, Charlie will work with you, your team and a select group of stakeholders to co-create and clarify your ambition, your strategic priorities and longer term direction, and more immediate next steps.

Typically over a 3-6 month period, Charlie will guide the whole strategy development process, as involved or as light-touch as you require, providing 20+ years of experience, insight and best practice from organisations across the globe.  Being true to a clear set of guiding principles (rather than one single methodology), Charlie will centre the process around a series of bespoke workshops and practical, insightful interventions, that Charlie will design and facilitate based on your needs, requirements and context.

He will also ensure that the outputs are tangible and achievable, that the team is fully on board with the chosen direction and that the work is brought together into a powerful, strategic narrative that your wider team and stakeholders will understand, believe and own.

SCALE-up mentoring and investment.

helping purpose-driven scale-ups make a sustainable impact

Charlie is committed to helping the next generation of purpose-driven founders and leaders make a positive impact on the world, both from a social and environmental perspective.

Charlie achieves this through his multi-disciplanary approach - as a strategic advisor, as a coach and also as an investor. Working with his team, and with support from their impressive network, Charlie provides early-stage businesses and social enterprises with the support, advice and challenge required to move up to the next stage - effectively and sustainably.

This includes hosting high calibre events and workshops designed to bring different 'worlds' together, helping to shift perspectives, create new relationships, and accelerate growth and collaboration.

The Conscious Leader Development Programme

Designed to help leaders foster self-awareness and ethical decision-making for impactful, values-driven leadership.

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leader are you?

Take the quiz to find out your own strengths, where your development opportunities lie and some of my top recommendations to help you grow and develop your impact.

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Customer testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it. See what our clients have to say:

Working with Charlie brought us together as a team and expanded our minds and horizons. The process and sessions which he masterminded changed our mindsets and were as valuable as the outputs created, which will continue to shape the strategy of the brand for the years to come.

Global L&D Head, Fujitsu

In short – over the past year the team here has become; more efficient, better planned, better resourced and most importantly more open to honest constructive feedback with out it becoming a battle of the egos! This has removed a cloud of pressure that used to sit across the operation.

James Coe
Director – L’Oreal

Facilitation of cross-functional and diverse groups requires the enthusiastic, motivating and natural leadership style delivered
confidently by Charlie. He is a must-have asset when
targeting success

Oli Taylor
Chief Engineer, BP

Charlie has worked with me on many projects, underpinning them all was the requirement to create a strong strategic direction and immediately find ways to appeal to a team (small or whole organisations) to go in the same direction.

Nina Jones
Director, Customer and Partner Experience at Microsoft

Charlies Book. Pre-order now

The Strategic Thinker. Coming Soon.

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Charlie's recommended reads

Charlie recommends these books to help you on your strategy, leadership and personal growth journey.

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